Stiga Cybershape Wood CWT

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Stiga Cybershape Wood CWT

  • The STIGA Custom Weight Technology innovation allows you to adjust the weight and balance of the blade using three weights of 3, 6, and 9 grams that you can easily attach to the bottom of the handle with help of a magnet inside the blade, this facilitates you to achieve your personal perfect characteristics of your STIGA blade. Read more about STIGA Custom Weight Technology further down this page!
  • An offensive table tennis blade with a revolutionary, patent pending and design-protected shape that provides an optimised hitting area.
  • The symbiosis of exclusive materials, the unique Cybershape design, and the customizable CWT weights result in a flexible blade that fits several different play styles.
  • Developed together with STIGA professional players to work optimally with a wide range of STIGA's table tennis rubbers.
  • According to measurements from tests carried out in collaboration with KTH, Cybershape has a larger sweet spot placed higher up on the blade than a standard shape which gives more power in your strokes without losing control of the ball.
  • Handles are made of the top-quality Italian wood and have a surface roughness that ensures an optimal gripping surface without the handle feeling slippery.
  • Factory-lacquered surface and a weight of: 80-85 g without the three extra weight which allows you to customize the weight and balance.

The world's first blade with "Custom Weight Technology"

Today’s table tennis players choose their table tennis racket with care and there are a lot of parameters to consider in the hunt for the optimal racket. It involves everything from choice of material, wood, and construction to how it looks and the combination of blade and rubber. A crucial factor is the weight distribution and balance of the blade. For many players, it has become increasingly important to find just the right blade weight in order to achieve optimal performance. And more players also want to be able to adjust and adapt both weight and balance according to both external circumstances and their own preferences.

With STIGA Custom Weight Technology you can adjust and adapt the balance and weight of the blade quickly and easily with the help of small magnetic weights of 3, 6, and 9 grams that you easily attach on the inside at the bottom of the handle. 

When you can adjust the weight of the blade, you can also control the blade’s mass, which together with the size of the blade and the force in the stroke create kinetic energy. This means that a heavier blade generates more force and kinetic energy at a given speed. This gives players the ability to change the nature of the blade depending on your individual preference and other external factors. A wide variety of factors influence whether play in a certain facility feels fast or slow. For example, choose a weight of 9 grams when playing in a large arena, a playing environment which tends to be perceived as slow, or a weight of 3 grams when playing in a small training facility or other playing environment where the play feels quicker. STIGA CWT allows you to already start fine-tuning your racket for a specific facility during warm-up. Depending on your individual preference and playing style, you can now adjust your blade to perfection. This also makes it perfect for players during development, as you can easily adjust the weight when you're looking for more power and speed instead of switching to a brand-new blade.  

Extensive research and several studies in our laboratory and test center have been conducted in collaboration with professional table tennis players that represent STIGA.  

Customize the balance according to your personal preferences
Depending on where the center of gravity of the blade is located, one speaks of a high-center of gravity, low-center of gravity, or a neutral balanced blade. If the center of gravity is towards the top of the blade, it is called high-center of gravity – if, on the other hand, it’s at the bottom, it’s low-center of gravity. What different players prefer is highly individual and depends on their playing style, previous experience, and the weight of the rubber. The weight of different rubbers also varies, so being able to adjust the weight of the blade gives you the opportunity to adjust and find just the perfect balance for you.

·         A lower overall weight is suitable for players who stay close to the table and prefer a fast-paced game.

·         Increased weight generates greater kinetic energy, resulting in more powerful strokes.

The revolutionary STIGA CWT - Custom Weight Technology is patent-pending.  




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