Victas VO>101 Ref. GVICTAS019

The VICTAS VO > 101 is a very fast and dangerous short pips-out rubber with built-in High Energy Tension Technology. The long experience of our Japanese pips-out experts and the know-how of our German researchers (GJ Tec) resulted in a high-tech rubber which leaves nothing to be desired for aggressive pips-out attackers. The new rubber sheet with optimized pips geometry produces a great pips-out effect, and the flat trajectory of the ball will put your opponent under pressure. The elastic sponge combined with our High Energy Tension Technology opens up new dimensions of speed development in the pips-out segment.
Product Name Price Qty
  Victas VO>101 Red 1.6
  Victas VO>101 Red 1.8
  Victas VO>101 Red 2.0
  Victas VO>101 Red Max
  Victas VO>101 Black 1.6
  Victas VO>101 Black 1.8
  Victas VO>101 Black 2.0
  Victas VO>101 Black Max

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Manufacturer VICTAS
Country of the brand
Type No
Thickness No
Pimples Short pimple
Hardness No
MainColor No