I started practicing table tennis rather late (21). Before that I was playing, like everyone, with my friends. My first season (at the Frottbf, a small club in Esneux (Liège, Belgium) that has two teams in competition) allowed me to really appreciate table tennis. The second season, we ended 5th in the province ranking and I became E2.

Unfortunately, our club that was formed by a group of friends had to close because we were lacking funds to rent the location.

At that time, the “E” Ranking didn’t exist at the Royal Federation and the Ninane club offered me to join their team (5th Prov.) as D2. Since then, I climbed the rankings with my team (season by season) to end up in 3d national with a B4 ranking. Which is why I am now paying attention to the different rankings that often come to the shop, as I went through the same thing myself.

Furthermore, passionate about my sport, I attended an ADEPS training in table tennis (certificate for instructor-assistant) and the theory lessons to become an instructor.

This led me to coach in different clubs and essentially to get new vision on my sport. Through the years, I also became more experimented and aware of the equipment’s evolution and I am trying to make my customer benefit from it as much as possible. 

Currently, I only rarely play in tournaments but I still am really interested in table tennis and practice very regularly.  

Alain Lejeune

Manager Liège



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