Stiga Airoc S Ref. G21114

-The adoption of the poly ball changes the game for many seasoned all-around players.
- STIGA Airoc S is designed to expand shot selection and feel for control players.
- Creating a rubber sheet to provide this dynamic range of play is made possible thanks to STIGA’s new OCS sponge technology (Oxygen Capsule System).
- We have formulated the air pockets within the sponge to with stand the strongest attacks while providing enough spring to go offensive on demand.
-For the ability to control the tempo and to have multiple ways to score then STIGA Airoc S is your perfect choice.
Product Name Price Qty
  Stiga Airoc S red 1.7
  Stiga Airoc S red 1.9
  Stiga Airoc S red 2.1
  Stiga Airoc S black 1.7
  Stiga Airoc S black 1.9
  Stiga Airoc S black 2.1
  Stiga Airoc S black 2.3

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Manufacturer STIGA
Country of the brand Sweden
Type OFF+
Thickness No
Pimples Pimple in
Hardness Soft
MainColor No