Donic Acuda S1 Ref. G11578

with maximum arc.
ACUDA S1 is a very fast rubber with outstanding spin qualities. Close to or away from the table it is possible to play "loop-loop" as in the days of speed glued rubbers. Despite its medium hard sponge ACUDA S1 is easily controllable and has a great feel. You can count on ACUDA S1 even in an awkward situation. This rubber may be fast but ball control is excellent. Basic character: spin-optimized, high precision fast rubber. Player's style: aggressive, first ball attack, close to the table
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  Donic Acuda S1 Red 1.8
  Donic Acuda S1 Red 2.0
  Donic Acuda S1 Red Max
  Donic Acuda S1 Black 1.8
  Donic Acuda S1 Black 2.0
  Donic Acuda S1 Black Max

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Manufacturer DONIC
Country of the brand Germany
Type OFF+
Thickness No
Pimples Pimple in
Hardness Medium
MainColor No