Stiga Celero Wood

Technological innovation at Stiga, introducing the new offensive blade Celero

Stiga, the worldwide manufacturer, has recently created a new blade, named Celero. This relatively fast wood-blade is made with a unique high-tech technological innovation. The 5 inner layers are made with 2 different types of wood. This creates an exceptional good level of control, in relation with an offensive blade. With this blade you will be able to play every ball trajectory, in all different attack situations.

The Diamond Touch technology has the benefits from a hard woodtype, combined with a soft finish and lots of feeling. This new and secret combination of delicate and hard inner layers produces a great feeling of control, without losing any power. Nowadays, every modern attacking player dreams to have a blade with these exceptional capabilities. Those who already had the privilege to test this blade, immediately experienced the great success.

The new Stiga Celero is ofcourse available at Dandoy Sports:

Stiga Celero

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