Healthy diet during the Holidays

Follow our special Holiday diet

A proper diet is the key to be in optimal condition. It will not only provide your lifetime, but also helps to deliver optimal sport achievements. At first, we do not judge when you make some stumbles during the Christmas season. After all, that will not have big impact on our health or sport activities. The habits and daily stumbles are the most harming factors. Those are the silent killers that poison your healthy body and optimal condition. For an athlete this is crucial, because every change in metabolism affects sports performance. 

Do not skip breakfast, the most important meal of your day!

Also the morning after your party, it’s important to have some breakfast. Every expert confirms breakfast is the most important daily meal.


The best way to detoxify your body in the morning:

  • Drink one teaspoon with olive oil, directly followed with warm lemon juice which includes one teaspoon of cider.
  • Afterwards you take some protein food, like eggs. Combine it with a little bit of honey and dairy products like goat cheese or sheep milk.
  • The addition of this quality protein products is needed to feed your muscles with rich proteins and essential acids like lysine. 

Also, you can eat some cereals in the morning. But make sure it will be quality cereals combined with dried fruit or butter. Avoid margarine!


Select a balanced lunch!

In any case, try to keep your lunch as balanced as possible. Avoid greasy food, pork, eggs and cheese if you can. Try to have some proteins combined with green vegetables and cereals (breath, rice, noodles). Always pick the whole-weat option of those cereals.


How to survive diner?!

Diner is of course the biggest challenge for athletes. The best is to avoid big proteins and greasy food, if you want to continue training afterwards. But since it’s Christmas and it’s not recommended to excessive your diet, try to have a small portion of the menu. Besides, research says eating slowly and long chewing is good for digestion. Also this will reduce overeating.

For alcohol we use the same recommendation. You can have some alcohol, one glass of red wine can be great for the condition of your heart. But very important is not to keep it with that one glass and not drink too much alcohol. Otherwise your body can dehydrate and for sure you will have more toxic gasses and an increase of calories.

Do not hesitate to eat some well-known detoxifier like avocados, olive oil, pineapple, apples, asparagus, pomegranate juice, celery, kiwi, garlic, onion, cabbage, broccoli, artichoke et cetera.


Finally, it’s crucial to keep on exercise and do your regular training schedule. Drink enough water to eliminate the waste in your body created during this Holiday period. 

Also, do not forgot to inform your family and friends about your diet. Tell them the importance of healthy food. Be strong and do not admit to social pressure. Do not take that extra glass of wine or portion of good tasting food. It can damage your body and your sport performances. Remain strong and think about the negative influences. We have done all we can to advice you.

It’s up to you now!

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