The 2017 World Table Tennis Calendar

Follow all the major table tennis events in 2017

This year the ITTF has scheduled multiple events for the World’s best table tennis players. We can expect great action at the World Tour, Challenge Series and ofcourse the World Table Tennis Championships.
Last year was great with lots of huge events and emotions at the Olympics, Paralympics and European Championships. In 2017 table tennis will shine again with some great ITTF organized tournaments. The world’s best players will face each other and new talents will be discovered.


The ITTF World Tour

Starting in 1996 the World Tour includes some big tournaments throughout different countries every year. These tournaments are ranked in two categories: The Platinum and the Classic competition. Most of the tournaments have 6 different events: Men’s singles + doubles, Woman’s singles + doubles, Junior men’s singles (-21), Junior woman’s singles (-21).

The best players of each tournament receive points due to their performance. The winner of a Platinum tournament receives 500 points, for Classic tournaments this is only 250. At the end of the year the players who won most points will be invited for the Big Finals.

In 2017 the World Tour consists of 12 meetings: 6 Platinum and 6 Classic. The first tournament will take place in Boedapest, Hungary (19-22 January). The first Platinum meeting will be in Qatar, Doha (23 - 26 February). After a worldwide circuit, with events in countries like India, China, Australia, Austria and Sweden, the best players will come together at the end of the year to play the finals (14-17 december).

The Challenge Series

Last year the Challenge Series were started as a new event in the World Tour. For 2017 ITTF has decided to make this independent tournaments. Like that ITTF provides young talent to play in these events, when they are not high ranked enough to play in the big World Tour tournaments. ITTF wants to give them a new motivation boost with this change.

The 2017 Challenge Series will start in Minsk, Belarus (15-19 March). After stops in Thailand, Chili, Slovenia, Croatia, Brasil, North-Korea, Nigeria, Poland and Belgium, they will finish at the Spanish Open in November.

The World Table Tennis Championships

Without any doubt, the World Championship Table Tennis is the most prestigious tournament this year. This event takes place every two year with all the best players participating. It has 5 different categories: Men’s singles + doubles, Woman’s singles + doubles and Mixed Doubles. In 2015 China won all titels except one. The mixed doubles event was won by Xu Xin (China) together with Yang Ha-eun (South-Korea).

In 2017 the World Championships will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, from the 29th of May until the 5th of June. At this event the Double Happiness (DHS) tables will be used together with the white Nittaku 40+*** balls.

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